How Workplace Trends Affect Seating by Amanda Archer

Panels are dropping. Footprints are shrinking. These are two common workplace trends that we’ve heard over and over again. But, have you ever stepped back and asked yourself, “how does this affect seating?” Lower panels and light-scale environments make seating more...

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Elevate Your Expectations with HON Abound Workstations

HON Abound Frame & Tile Systems Greater flexibility. Higher quality. Smarter technology. Abound offers all that and more to deliver high-performance workspaces. Every component is designed with the other in mind. Even the electrical and data cabling was designed...

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Friant Verity With the Verity benching system, create defined spaces to support the various types of work interactions for a coordinated look across the office. Easily expand existing workspaces or build in privacy with elements such as fabric screens, glass, and...

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Ergonomics and Chair Adjustment Basics by LB Ehlers

Ergonomics is a word many of us have heard before; especially, if we are in the office furniture industry. When the topic comes up we usually stand or sit up a bit straighter. But what exactly is ergonomics? And how can you control your personal workspace ergonomics?...

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HON Solve Seating: The Answer For Comfort and Versatility

Today’s workers are becoming more mobile, increasing the need for a seating solution that can support them as they transition between individual and collaborative work environments. Solve task chairs were designed to intuitively adapt to each user’s body and movement...

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