Friant Verity

With the Verity benching system, create defined spaces to support the various types of work interactions for a coordinated look across the office. Easily expand existing workspaces or build in privacy with elements such as fabric screens, glass, and storage. Seamlessly connect everyone at the bench with power and data running discreetly underneath the surface. Create a well-balanced open office with Verity benching, available with the new Walnut worksurface and Cloud White finish. Check out what Friant Verity can do for you. Prices shown in PDF are MSRP, your price will be 40-45% off list.


Friant Interra

Meet Interra, our new panel system designed for modern space planning needs and aesthetic sensibilities. Available in five tile materials – fabric, glass, metal, whiteboard and rail — Interra offers infinite design variations to meet any customization need. Power is available at both belt and baseline and its sturdy 2.5″ tiles are stackable with easy assembly and reconfiguration, making it the perfect go-to systems product for today’s fast-moving work environments. Designed and assembled in Northern California, a typical station is made of 47% recycled content and is 75% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Interra is designed to integrate seamlessly with our Dash desking system, also available only to our Advantage dealers. Check out what Friant Interra can do for you. Prices shown in PDF are MSRP, your price will be 40-45% off list.


HON Accelerate

Today’s fast-paced companies have to be ready for anything. Accelerate is designed to adapt and grow at the speed of business. The thin profile and clean lines offer a range of aesthetic options to maximize design freedom. The versatile selection works great alone, or even better when combined with other HON products to maximize planning freedom. Accelerate your speed of business, and be ready for anything. Accelerate is designed to work in a wide variety of spaces and support different work styles. Choose the elements you want and create a space that suits your individual needs. Check out what HON Accelerate can do for you. Prices shown in PDF are MSRP


HON Initiate

Some room to spread out. Plenty of space to store your stuff. Just the right mix of privacy and collaboration. Does outfitting your office have to be complicated? Initiate doesn’t think so. Order an Initiate worksurface and the cantilever support are included. Order overheads and they ship preassembled. Order a panel and it comes complete-no trim to specify or install. Panels even attach with a single universal connector that simplifies installation and reconfiguration. The longer you own Initiate, the better you understand what a smart choice it is. Metal frames and trim retain their integrity through years of reconfiguration. Metal-to-metal connections create a solid structure, keeping panels perfectly aligned. Components fit together tightly without gaps, and finishes match precisely from one piece to the next. Initiate also features a Class A fire rating and exceeds industry acoustical standards. Check out what HON Initiate can do for you. Prices shown in PDF are MSRP